Music, Magic and Medicine: Fall Series



Welcome to: Music, Magic and Medicine: a seasonal earth skills and ceremonial arts gathering for girls and young women ages 8-12.

Music as Medicine: A Seasonal Earth Skills and Ceremonial Arts Gathering
for Girls and Young Women (self identified) Ages: 8 - 12

Thursdays, October 10th, October 31st, and November 21 2019
Star Stone, Barnardsville, NC (address given upon registration, a mountain near the barnardsville post office.)
Cost: $165 Includes all materials

We root into the magic of the season of transformation through song, instrument creation, sisterhood, play and ceremony.

We gather at our stone circle around a fire at Star Stone in the majestic mountains of Barnardsville, NC, to sing, dance, and open our creative energies to feed beauty to the Earth.

Come play, laugh, share and connect with new friends and fall in deeper love with the Earth!

Music as Medicine:

Fall Series

Thursdays 1-5pm

October 10, October 31, November 21

October 10th:

Song as Medicine

Song Writing Part 1

Make a Clay Ocarina

October 31: Samhain

Samhain Ritual

Drum/rattle Journey

Rattle Making part 1

Chants for Transformation

Song Writing part 2

Ocarina beginner class

November 21:

Finish Rattles

singing with our rattles and technique

Songs for Gathering and Gratitude
Sharing of Group Song and Individual Songs (as desired)

Songs to Bring Light in the Darkness

November 21: 5-6pm Special Event with Guest Sound Healers and Music as Medicine Sisterhood

Sound Healing for Parents and Community


Earth Path Education is committed to building connection to the natural world, sisterhood, and Rites of Passage.  We begin our Rites of Passage program with the Nature Sisters when girls are between 8 to 11 years old.  Our aim is that through this program we grow a strong foundation for each girl to connect with her intuition, her voice, her truth and her communication with her peers and the natural world that surrounds her.

Our program uses the major elements and may include some of the below mentioned activities.

Earth Skills: friction fire, cordage, pottery, shelter, wild edible and medicinal plants, herbalism, tracking, bird language, sensory awareness activities

Community Building: storytelling, council, singing, dancing, nature connection games, community service, leadership projects

Plant and Animal Communication: through listening and observation

Creativity: group mandalas, safe earthen body paint, natural jewelry making, weaving in nature, instrument creation, ceramics, needle felting, natural dye, herbal medicine making, carving, soap making, etc.