Our camp will root us into the earth, our community and ourselves. We will tune into our bio-region by remembering ways to communicate with what is around us, the birds, the plants and trees, the animals, the human ecology and how we can deepen our relationship to this living web.

June 24-28, 2019 - Roots: Day Camp



In Roots camp we take to the forest to learn, be inspired, and grow. Many of our students return season after season and year after year to deepen their Nature Connection and grow their awareness, as they further their earth skills like friction fire, edible and medicinal plant wisdom, tracking, basketry, cordage, pottery, bird language, shelter building, make wonderful friends and much more. We focus on the inner ecology, the earth ecology and community ecology. As we come fully alive and awaken our true natures, we begin to see more clearly and connect to the more than human world around us that gives us our life, as we connect to the ecology together we become a better team and empower one another to be our wild, natural, and beautiful selves. 




Our program inspires skills as we:

  • Ancestral Crafts: Make your own pair of leather moccasins!

  • Primitive Skills: debris shelters, cordage, friction fire, cooking

  • Plant Wisdom: Identifying edible and medicinal plants

  • Nature Awareness: tracking, bird language, camouflage, stalking, mapping

  • Community Connection: Storytelling, team building, nature awareness games, earth songs