Growing Goddess: Summer Camp

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Growing Goddess: Summer Camp

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July 24th-28th: Rites of Passage Summer Camp

We have young women travel from near and nationwide and even outside of the country to participate. This five days is full of beauty, and growth. We include a wilderness solo that allows the natural essence of each girl/young woman to emerge.

Through the Rites of Passage we practice ancestral skills. At Earth Path Education Ancestral Skills are the things humans have been doing for a long time.

These are:

  • Ancient fire making with friction,
  • wisdom of plants as teachers,
  • food and medicine,
  • making art from natures bounty,
  • basket weaving,
  • carving,
  • pottery,
  • beading,
  • leather work,
  • and how to move and be in nature in an aware, embodied and connective way.


Give what you can, receive what you need, and be good family always.

We do our best to turn no one away from our programs due to lack of money. 

We offer a wide sliding scale so that individuals and families can choose what is workable for their financial situations. The Sliding scale offerings are first come first serve. Sign up today! 

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