Roots: Primitve Skills Spring Break Camp


Roots: Primitve Skills Spring Break Camp

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Roots Primitive Skills Spring Break Camp: April 10th-13th

April 10-13th, Monday-Thursday: 9am- 3pm, $195-$250 Sliding Scale
Ages 7-12- co-ed

Coyote Mentors ages 13-18,  co-ed
Where: Sacred Mountain Sanctuary, Candler, NC

This Spring join us for Deep Nature Connection in the wilds of Sacred Mountain Sanctuary. Our nature based primitive skills camp will root us into the earth, our community and ourselves. We will tune into our bio-region by remembering ways to communicate with what is around us, the birds, the plants and trees, the animals, the human ecology and skills that can deepen our relationship to this living web.
Our program inspires skills of awareness and listening, teamwork, and empowerment as we learn:

Ancestral Crafts- basketry, water vessels, clay cookware, natural pigments Primitive Skills- debris shelters, flint-napping, cordage, friction fire

Plant Wisdom- Identifying edible and medicinal plants, medicine making Nature Awareness- tracking, bird language, camouflage, stalking, mapping

Community Connection- Storytelling, team building, games, songs

As for the specific program this spring. 

The Rock Rainbow: making different Natural Pigments for safe body paint/camouflage and pottery painting, as well as painting on wood and other stones.

The Most Useful Grass! - making bamboo cups to drink sun tea out of

Wild Food and Medicine Hikes and Foraging- eat something wild Everyday to Remember yourself into the ecology of place.

Plant Impression Mugs: Learn hand building and the local flora with a beautiful and useful work of art!

Bird Language~ The Spring Chorus will be jamming, we will start listening to what the chorus is telling us about the forest at large.

Using Stone Age Tools

Sensory Awareness Games

Storytelling and Song
For more information, call Lena Ruark-Eastes (502) 396-6408 

"Give what you can, receive what you need, and be good family always."

-Frank Cook

We do our best to turn no one away from our programs due to lack of money. 

We offer a wide sliding scale so that individuals and families can choose what is workable for their financial situations.

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