Come learn the skills and ways of a wild woodsman.

June 25-29 Wild Woodsman Camp



Wild woodsman is an opportunity for boys to reconnect with their primitive spirits, living off and in harmony with the land. We will go on a journey into the heart of what these mountains provide for growing boys and men with healthy and grounded mentoring, primitive skills, wild edibles and medicines, survival and camouflage, useful and fun nature games, songs and much more! 

Come learn the skills and ways of a wild woodsman.  From proper tool use, to fire by friction and wild foraging, this camp touches on important skills for anyone who loves the forest.  Movement and play are essential to this camp.  Be embodied- learning the art of tracking and stalking, as well as yoga and ninja moves.  Practice the way of the honorable scout learning to be silent and invisible in the forest.  Celebrate and touch on the essence and code of ethics of a wild woodsman with songs, stories, and deep sharing around the fire.  This camp is bound to be epic for any young woodsman!