Moon Daughters Retreat: May 18-19


Mothers and Daughters (ages 8-12)

A weekend to savor and deepen in your mother/daughter relationship. To share fun and connective experiences within a supportive circle of women. To blossom into our creative and natural selves rooted in our love for ourselves our daughters and the Earth.


At Earth Path Education we believe that a strong bond between Mothers and Daughters serves as a root system and creates a resiliency and life giving beauty that supports the coming of age time for young women, and the autumnal passage of mothers. We believe having quality time, play and prayer with your mother/daughter supported by a circle of loving women and a deep connection with the earth is our natural and joyful state! With the power of open and honest communication, trust, compassionate boundaries, friendship, respect, and mutual upliftment: mothers and daughters can be an unstoppable team. This is a weekend committed to strengthening and nourishing relationship to the natural self and between mother and daughter as we rise in optimal health and in deep connection with Mother Earth.

Join us for the Full Moon Weekend in May to celebrate our feminine power and the love that connects Mothers and Daughters. We will be exploring the art of council, self care, our authentic yes and no, and tools for aligned decision making.

We will play nature awareness games, swim, and enjoy the blossoming of our creativity through ritual, art, dance and connective sharing.

Prepare to awaken your inner wild woman and your ability to balance the elements in your life . May the bonds of loving presence between us and our daughters bring healing to our lives and the world.

What will we be doing?

Making earthen Paints and symbolic storytelling through petroglyphs and body paint.

Sharing the maps held in an ancient wild and wise woman myth.

Playing nature awareness games and learning earth skills

Crafting a talisman jewelry piece that represents the gifts you see in your Mom/Daughter.

Refining our Energetic Tool Kits: Protection, Aligned Decision Making, Clear YES and NO, simple self guided visualization

From spark to flame and intro to Fire by Friction and Fire tending

Heart Share Council

Full Moon Hike

Swimming in a lovely pond hugged by the Appalachian Mountains

Ceremonial Elemental Dance: Dancing Freedom

Earth Art: Creating a Flower Mandala

Cacao Ceremony