Join us for four weekends, one in each season- to refine and grow your earth skills, connect in a community of powerful women, to sing, dance, to feed the wild woman within, to be held by the Earth and replenish your body, mind and soul with ancestral skills and ceremonial arts.


Harvest your nourishment from the earth, heal yourself and your family with herbal medicine, make your shoes and clothes from your region with your hands, birth the fire of your passions and connect with your ancestors. Weave baskets and songs with your sisters, dig roots, and craft clay bowls. Call on flowers to offer you vibrational healing and color in your clothes, drum to the stars, and remember who you are and where you come from. Choose the beautyway of earth connection and regenerative culture within a supportive village ecology.

2018/19 Women Rewilding:

Save the Dates:

  • SEPTEMBER 21-23, 2018
  • DECEMBER 7-9, 2018
  • MAY 17-19, 2019
  • AUGUST 16-18, 2019

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Location: Wild and Wonderful places near Asheville, NC.

Video and Resources for 12 Holy Nights of Dreaming Ceremony and Renewal of Creative Path- our inner journeys for the winter months

Nature Connection Monthly Videos (10 of them)

Foraging wild foods and medicines

Making Herbal medicine

 Friction Fire

Tending the Wild

Plant Impression Pottery

Songs to Nourish Gaia and your beauty making spirit

Song recordings from each gathering

Price: $1,480


Honoring the Elementals

Tea Ceremony, and Learning to craft Feminine Supporting Local, Wild-crafted Teas. We will bring these Appalachian medicines into our bodies and spirits with the water while setting intentions for our year together.

Awakening our Bodies and Spirits with cold water river therapy and cleansing ritual. Singing to the heart of the Earth and welcoming the dawn!

Meeting our Wild Foods and Medicines, Harvesting and Seed Saving~

What an honor to welcome Angela Bard, Sun, Moon and Fire Dancer and Fire Walking teacher trainer to lead our FIRE WALKING CEREMONY. We will raise our collective vibration and marry the fire and the passionate creative force within. 

We will be singing around the fire and sharing myths to feed the wild woman within. 

 Ancestral Fire Making: Fire as a Gift

We court fire in the ways of our ancestors through friction, gratitude, skill and humility. We learn the plants that hold the fire within.

We start with a knowledge of the plants, and trees, we will have a local tree walk, and an intro to carving class, make our bow drill kits, and then explore the techniques of courting fire.

BuckSkin Medicine Pouches and Song Weaving

We will be making sacred objects to feed our soul: sewing buckskin medicine pouches, connecting us to Mother Earth and the deer nation. Learn to sew buckskin and use an awl. We will also explore song catching as we receive our own songs and birth them into the supportive container of our circle of sisters.


We will open this powerful weekend of uniting our Gaian heartbeats, with the Lakota story of White Buffalo Calf Woman. We will merge the elk skin with the maple rounds, we will weave, we will tighten and we balance the energies of the medicine wheel as we weave across the circle of the drum. We will paint the inner hoop of our drums with sacred symbols that will emerge from a guided meditation with your ancestral and spirit guides. We will make our drum sticks, with a specific tree's medicine that you will call forth from the land for your handle. We will offer our songs, and our drumbeat in connection with one another and the one heartbeat we all share.


It's time to respectfully receive the abundance of Gaia. We will experience the optimal nourishment that comes from eating wild foods, reminding ourselves and our bodies of a time when we were in healthy relationship with the earth, this alone has the power to awaken more of our wild woman potential, to remember her, to bring her back. With the gift of morels and the rainbow of edible mushrooms, wild greens, edible flowers, and fresh sprouting medicines, we will feast our bodies and our spirits.


You will gather wild foods you have preserved throughout the year, and bring your wisdom of the wild plants and embark on a wilderness solo. On Saturday morning we will learn how to build a debris shelter, and you will have a day and night solo with as little gear as you can manage. Eating wild food, sleeping in a survival bed under the stars or a survival shelter, making a fire with your bow-drill kit, perhaps enjoying some wild food kraut you brought with you... Walking upright, drumming to the heart of the mountain, listening to the waters, the birds, you are bound to grow in beauty and your walk will be an offering to the Earth that has held you as you've traveled and transformed through the seasons.

go within

January and February we will not officially gather as we encourage the natural going within of winter, of deep dreaming and visioning, of slowing down with friends and family and of integrating what you have learned. Although we won't be meeting in person, we will participate in two ceremonies together. One is the Renewal of Creative Path, as developed by the Art of Mentoring Community and Jon Young. And the other is a 12 Nights of Dreaming Ceremony as envisioned by Rudolph Steiner and guides us in a deep dreaming journey as it relates to 12 values correlating with the 12 months of the year to come. A fascinating winter ritual, that connects you to the wisdom and guidance of your dreaming

Recommending Reading for the Program:

  • Women who Run with the Wolves: Clarissa Pinkola Estés
  • Tending the Wild: Kat Anderson
  • Spirit of Intimacy: Sonbonfu Some
  • Wild Fermentation: Sandor Katz
  • When the Drummers Were Women: Layne Redmond
  • Coyote Guide
  • Kamana 1 and 2

Full work-Trade Opportunites for Wild Women: Earth Skills and Ceremonial Arts Immersion

Camp Chef:

Do you have a passion for healing foods and experience with wilderness cooking? If you love preparing healthy and delicious meals for a group of 15-20 women this may be the trade for you. You will need to come prepared to prioritize food preparation and cooking and expect to miss some of each weekend. You will be responsible for the menu planning, food shopping/gathering and cooking/cleaning. Friday night includes snacks but not dinner. We will all help on clean up of our personal dishes but ask that you clean as you go and manage all the cooking dishes. Primitive Cooking skills are necessary. Trade is valued at the living wage of $18 an hr. with a total of 155 hours of trade for the program. That's 15 hrs for the three days, 5hrs a day to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. Friday we offer tea and snacks, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Sunday Breakfast, and Lunch. We will have healthy snacks offered between meals. You can organize your hours and what needs to be complete as you see fit. You may choose to have 8-10 hrs of to be outside of program hours to have more available time for the programming.

** We know that your incredible skills are valued much higher than $18 an hr! We deeply appreciate the gift you are bringing from your heart in suuport of the flourishing of the program. Thank you!

To apply for a work-trade, please contact us below: