Earth Path Education calls forth your soul's true gifts and grows healthy culture in connective relationship with the natural world.

Our non-profit organization offers inspiring opportunities to awaken healthy relationship to one's purpose, nature, spirit and community.  We provide nature-based rites of passages to mend and strengthen the individual and community.

We inspire connection with the natural world, awaken individuals to their true natures, and nurture healthy culture. 

We believe in listening to the Earth as our wisest mentor. Through Nature Based Rites of Passage for teens, Nature Connection programs for all ages, and training Nature Connection Mentors and Guides, we nourish connection to our natural selves and the natural world, thus strengthening our communities.

The inner ecology of each individual must be healthy and thriving if we wish to create relationships in our lives that are beneficial to one another and to the outer ecology of our homes, communities, and the earth. Earth Path programs focus on creating long term solutions through opening people to their dreams and visions for their lives, and standing with them to support them bringing their gifts into the world. With the support of true friends, of wise mentors, and of a village of humans and the natural world that witnesses and reflects your truth back to you, we see that there is infinite possibility for positive change in the lives of individuals and in the future of our culture.

Listening to the Earth as our wisest mentor.

Roots Camp Informational Video

Roots Camp is Earth Path Education's longest standing program. For nine years we have taken to the forest to learn, be inspired, and grow our sense of tribe.

Our nature based camps earth skills adventures will root us into the earth, our community and ourselves.


Women rewilding - informational video

Join this journey of sisterhood to reclaim our connection to the sacred Mother Earth. Let's ignite our wild soul fires!

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