What people are saying...

My daughter participated in Roots Camp in Asheville. We traveled all the way from Kentucky for this camp because we had heard how wonderful it was (even though it is offered in Louisville as well!), as we wanted to appreciate the unique beauty of the mountains of North Carolina. The facilitation team was fantastic. Immediately upon meeting Lena, her warmth and good nature come across. She takes the time to greet each child, making each child feel safe and special. She also does a great job of ensuring their safety during camp days. My daughter learned new skills, made new friends, and began to deepen her connection with the earth. Also, the setting at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary is beautiful and secluded, yet easily accessible to Asheville. This was a wonderful experience and we hope to do it again next year!
— Laura S., Louisville, KY
At our closing ceremony I was moved to tears by what the girls said about what they got out the experience, their honesty about what was hard, and the love and appreciation they showed to Lena and Nico. I was amazed by the circle that they ran for the parents, and to hear about the women’s circle they hosted for the community
— Leila R (Parent), Sebastopol, CA
Thank you for the wonderful gifts you shared with Emily and the other girls. What a lovely opportunity to learn about themselves as emerging young women. I am grateful Emily was able to spend time with each of you.
— Tracy H, Asheville, NC
Q: Do you notice any changes (in your daughter) after Growing Goddess?

A: Definitely - Amina has been very loving and more willing to talk about feelings with me and to connect in a meaningful way. She seems more mature - more willing to listen to what I say rather than just reacting to me.
— Growing Goddess Parent
Q: What did you like most about Growing Goddess?

A: I loved that it created a safe and fun place for her to explore her feelings and her changing body away from me, her mother, and with her peers. She has not been so open to those kinds of explorations with me, and I am so very happy that she has had the opportunity to do this necessary work in a loving, supportive and positive environment. I also loved that she was so immersed in nature for all those days!
— Growing Goddess Parent
Q: What are some of the benefits you see in Growing Goddess: Rites of Passage for young women?

A: It provides the container for a rite of passage that our culture does not provide, and that it is almost impossible for the family to provide.
— Growing Goddess Parent
I couldn’t have asked for more loving and kind Rites of Passage guides! Kudos for creating such a rich, meaningful and fun program!
— Participant
I just want to take a moment so tell you again how grateful I am for your powerful, joyous, and peaceful presence. You have such a raw light about you that is inspiring. I am so very happy that Trinity found her strength and powered through. I am loving the light in her eyes and the confidence she has after this week at growing goddess. I am in love with the connections she made with her sisters, her elders, and the natural world. She has voiced that she feels forever changed by this week, and there are not enough thank you’s for such things.

It warmed my heart to see and hear the girls creative show, and to witness the bonds they had created. It made me cry to hear Trinity’s song, expressing that very moment on her vision quest where “she felt weak, and if she had not accepted the challenge, where would she be?”
— Jess - Growing Goddess Mother