No one turned away Policy:

A dear man Frank Cook who is with the ancestors now, used to say:

Give what you can, receive what you need, and be good family always.

We do our best to turn no one away from our programs due to lack of money.  
How do we do this? We trust that those who can pay for programs will, and we trust in the generosity of our community to support the Nature Based Rites of Passages needed in these times. We offer need based scholarships each year, and we accept scholarship applications until March 15th for Growing Goddess Rites of Passage Summer Camp. 

We also receive financial contributions from several organizations in solidarity of the Earth Path mission to supporting a regenerative culture in connective relationship with the natural world. If you or your organization are interested in donating to create need-based scholarship opportunities for girls and young women to participate in Nature Based Empowerment and Rites of Passage programs please click below:


We also offer partial and full trade opportunities. We believe in balanced energy exchanges and if you are unable to pay in dollars, you can help up to set up, cook, edit videos, grow food in our gardens, and spread the word about the amazing work we do. Please email Lena if you are interested in a full or partial trade for our programs.