Dance Mythology 2016

Detailed Info:
Every Tuesday and Thursday in July
(July: 5th, 7th, 12th, 14th, 19th, 21st, 26th, and 28th)
Program hours: 10am-3pm

  • Final Performance August 1st 7pm
  • Dress Rehearsal at 5pm
  • Parent Potluck at 5pm

Cost: $480

All Genders Ages 10-14

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Working together as an ensemble, students of Dance Mythology collaborate to build a story-telling language that weaves elements of dance, puppetry and ancient myths.    Drawing on timeless themes from cultures around the world, students will discover new landscapes in character development, puppet design, and narrative arch.
The practice of Dance Mythology is both meditative and athletic, and free from competition.  It is an opportunity to work together; Movement arts opens new pathways of creative expression, allowing for deeper strength, flexibility, and kinesthetic awareness.  By learning to observe their breath, stretch their bodies, and quiet their minds, students gain foundational tools for collaboration, learning and growth.

About the Artistic Director

Aaron Birk is an award winning graphic novelist, puppeteer, dancer and choreographer. Aaron brings twenty years of professional experience to his teaching practice, including a tour with The San Francisco Mime Troupe, NPR's Radiolab, and an artist residency with Rainbow Community School.  Aaron is the author, illustrator and publisher of "The Pollinator's Corridor", a graphic novel about restoration ecology in The Bronx.

In Aaron's classroom you will be invited to unlock your brilliance, to create new mythologies, and to follow a path of self-discovery as your own artistic voice.



Each meeting begins with ample time for centering, yoga, and breath-work.  Students will develop skills in body awareness, listening, observation, and mindful breathing.


Students explore a range of dance modalities, with influence from Yoga, Butoh, Tai Chi, Modern Dance, Contact Improvisation, Laban Technique, and Authentic Movement.  Students create their own vocabulary of gestures, from which characters, emotive expressions and narrative archetypes are born.  


Building on the concept of 'The Hero's Journey,' students will adapt an ancient myth and weave it through various theatrical forms.  By the conclusion of the course, students will present a piece of theater to parents, teachers and friends at Earth Song's beautiful land.