family sing 2016

Cost: $50 per adult, $35 per kid

Join us for this very special two day immersion experience in song, storytelling, games, and community building in a natural setting for families with children of all ages! Inspired by the community song gathering, Singing Alive! Appalachia (which will take place the following weekend outside of Asheville), Family Sing will focus on the inter-generational learning experience with music as the tool, the measure, and the sweet reward of our delicious group efforts! These two song filled days will be led by special guest song-leader and storyteller from Port Townsend Washington, Aimée Ringle and Lena Ruark-Eastes music teacher and director of Earth Path Education. We will facilitate structured, collaborative community singing circles that will allow kids and their big people to enjoy and explore singing, rhythm, harmony, and body play in an all-inclusive learning environment. All the while, each participant will be suited up with songs of all kinds that they can take home and sing together!

Running like a golden thread between the song circles will be pockets of story-time where folktales, faerie-tales, fables and jokes will spice the musical stew and give kids and parents the chance to travel through the realms of imagination together as the songs settle into their ears and hearts.

On Sunday Night we will Feature the Original and Inspiring Music of Aimee Ringle and guest musician from Pittsburgh Vox Lumina at Earth Song (one mile from Sacred Mountain Sanctuary) join us for a memorable, magical summer concert!