The Earth Path Backpacking Trip will bring us onto the trail and into the waters of some of the worlds most beautiful wild places in Appalachia. We will develop primitive skills and learn how to live closely with nature and community. Come connect with your natural, authentic self and your place within community and the greater web of life. 

August 6-10: Earth Path Backpacking Trip: Co-ed Ages 14-17



When you learn the skills of becoming a master camper, you can thrive in the most beautiful places on earth for free, feeling safe and connected. It requires though a knowledge of how to live with your surroundings the human and more than human world. How to set up a tarp, create and cook in a camp kitchen, even how to efficiently pack your backpack, make a fire in the ancestral way, pick the best campsites, find appropriate fire wood and yes compassionate communication. 


Come feel the freedom of coming home to yourself and to Mother Nature. Enjoy deeply connective and fulfilling friendships with peers and mentors and become a life long camper and backpacker with skills that you will certainly model and share with others in the future. We will hike into a favorite wilderness spot in the Black Balsam area of the Pisgah National Forest, Throughout the week we'll harvest plants for food, medicine and crafts. We plan to have a tin of fun playing epic scout games and sharing stories and songs and music under the stars and around the fire. Does morning yoga and waterfall swimming, yummy healthy meals cooked over the fire, learning new skills, making friends and immersing in the magic of the oldest mountains on earth sound good to you? Join us!