After a young woman has completed her 4 year Growing Goddess journey she enters into a new phase of leadership in the Moon Mystics Program. This program is for Young Woman Leaders ages 15-18.

moon mystics


The program itself is guided by the bliss and passions of the young women in the program. We as mentors, elders and guides, ask the question of what is your passion, what is your dream, how can this group most deeply and fully support you? And thus we dive into service to the community, earth skills, voice strengthening, world travel and much more.

We also bring the young women into mentoring, they learn how to guide and support the girls in the Nature Sisters and Growing Goddess with the support of their mentors and the Earth, they become the mentors, and we effectively grow the cultural topsoil of our organization with layered mulit-age mentoring. It is such a richness to have the young women who have traveled with us through their girlhood and Rites of Passage, to join our organizational leadership team as mentors.

We also have a commitment to cross cultural understanding and ecological leadership within our WNC community and globally. Thus we travel to different sub cultures within our community supporting earth based and social justice projects, and we travel the world to be in service and in ceremony, to grow and learn and to live into our purpose and visions.

Moon Mystics Summer CAMp 2017 - July 24-28th


Moon Mystics Rites of Passage Camp: As Mentors and Participants:

JuLY 24-28th

During the 5 day Rites of Passage camp the Moon Mystics serve a dual role, some of the Moon Mystics have participated in Growing Godddes since they were 11 and hold a strong sense of the culture and spirit of the Rites of Passage. They serve seemlessly as cultural mentors by how they carry the traiditons and rituals, the songs, and the spirit of the ceremony. The Moon Mystics will help hold the leadership of the camp as mentors and support and during certain times will also step into the role of participant, escpecially in some of the main rituals, all the young women will participate together. For the Moon Mystics who haven't been through a Rites of Passage yet with Earth Path, they will participate more fully in the rituals and activities as participants. Even if they are older they cannot hold space for others until they have fully received from the Rites of Passage experience.

Backpacking Adventure:

September 29th-October 1st
friday 10am-Sunday 4pm

Moon Mystics take to the trail, carrying everything we will need on our back, we will stop to visit some amazing waterfalls, swim, cook over the campfire, and sing to the stars at night.