Growing Goddess Camp 2017
July 24-28

A Nature-based Rites of Passage Camp honoring the sacred time when a girl is becoming a woman. Through supportive sisterhood, fun, ritual and nature connection each young woman's inner gifts and natural authenticity emerge. The blossoming woman is nourished through connection to nature and community. Community Supported/ Nature Based Rites of Passage helps usher a girl into healthy young womanhood, feeling confident and connected to herself, her family, her community and the natural world. 

Nature Connection, Sensory Awareness Activities

Rites of Passage Rituals including Wilderness Solo Time

Earth Skills and Ancestral Crafts: may include pottery, leather craft, fricition fire, Archery, Knots, Natural Dying, bird language, tracking, basketry, primitive cooking, wild edible and medicinal plants, herbal medicine for the pre-teen and teenage years

Empowering Songs and Teamwork and Nature Connection Games

Red Tent and Self Care Teachings, Sex Health and Education and Mentored Group Discussions

Tools for Empowerment

Yoga, Dance, Tai Chi

Sharpening the Intuition

Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony
Many surprises!!

This summer our community will send off a group of girls and young women on a 5 day Rites of Passage Journey. The Growing Goddesses (11-14) and Moon Mystics (15-18) will be connecting closely with the elements, Mother Earth and with a community of supportive peers, mentors and elders to access their voice, their truth and their glimmering authenticity and visions. This is a journey into self care, trust, connection with inner authority, the wise web of women and the natural world. We elevate each blossoming woman by nourishing our connection to community & nature. 

Join us for the Annual Village Send Off Ceremony, Monday July 24th, 10am at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary. Rites of Passage can only happen with the holding of the Village and larger Earth Community, please join us in this blessing and send off for this years courageous initiates. 

As a young woman in this culture, do you ever feel like the worlds against you? Do you feel unloved, trapped or misunderstood?

Do you struggle with low self esteem or depression? 

Do you want to support your daughter, but don't know how? Do you feel worried about your daughter's safety and choices?

We work with young women who want to have supportive friends and connect with nature, while feeling happy and confident. We work with families who want to see their daughters be fulfilled and true to themselves. 

Reclaiming our Rites of Passage for our optimal health and happiness, and for our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers. Each girl is honored, witnessed and celebrated in this powerful transition into womanhood in a way that feeds all of creation.